Jeffrey Amos at the International Whistlers Competition

Jeffrey Amos of Toronto is a dynamic professional whistler who combines classical music with musical favourites and contemporary songs. Using a rare technique called "palate whistling", Jeffrey won Second Place Grand Championship at the 40th International Whistlers Competition in Louisburg, North Carolina.

Jeffrey winning at the International Whistlers Convention
Jeffrey at City Breakfast TV
Jeffrey at CTV News

Jeffrey has been featured in a recent Toronto Star article and has appeared on City-TVís Breakfast Television, CBC's Maritime Morning, and CTV News. He has also performed for audiences throughout the Toronto area including a special performance at The Flying Beaver Pubaret.

Listening to Jeffrey's whistling is a truly entertaining experience. He was described by former whistling Grand-Champion, Steve "The Whistler" Herbst, as ďthe finest tongue and palate whistler Iíve heard -- clean, crisp, and not raspy with exceptional control on high notesĒ.

Jeffrey is available for private and group performances in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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